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House Judiciary Chairman and Trump foe Jerry Nadler nearly faints at press event with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

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Friendless and disconnected from our neighbours is where we are headed. Hence the attempt to assuage the French over the costs of the Le Touquet arrangement. We will need to take such actions on a massive scale with all of our former European friends when issues come up on a bilateral basis.

Political freedoms have multiplied all over Europe, since the creation of the EU and that will continue. I don’t want to turn the clock back to war and repression, and I want to keep brexit news my citizenship in the EU and all 28 of its member states; anything else will always be a tragic loss. ‘Brexit’ was coined for the 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership in the EU.

He is NOT however self-appointed in his role as a Member of the European Parliament; he is elected and has won four out of five elections for that office. Thanks for your response. As far as I’m aware no one ever seriously proposed asking the same question again – not least because it was far too simplistic to be the subject of a referendum брексит события anyway; at least at the stage of European integration, we’ve already long-since reached. A vote on the deal, if there is one, is coming. The trouble is the UK population doesn’t want to live in a country called Europe run by the self-appointed people that run the EU today and in this we are not alone, just more vocal about it.

The tax on bankers bonuses alone for example was the revenue that paid for the school refurbishment programme. Bankers were seen as Labours best chums, only beaten by migrants without whom a property speculation could not occur.

20.11.2019 Latvian football team concludes EURO 2020 qualification with win over Austria

About as far from it as you can get – but I do vote. I have always had enormous respect for Anatole Kaletsky having avidly read his column in The Times from my early teens but for all his economic clarity it is clear he just doesn’t get politics at all, especially when operating on raw emotion.

  • We have now in Europe an integrated, multi-lingual civilization that is the envy of the world.
  • Bearing in mind that vast unprecedented flows of chinese money was entering the country via routes such as Iceland giving a boom and had to be exploited by Blair and co to give political advantage – debt gives economic uplift, gives happy voters, gives reelection.
  • The UK is not withdrawing from “Europe,” as Europe does not exists other than as the Western fringe of the “Eurasian” Continent.
  • Now, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are showing up the EU to be a phony organization in the context of human rights.

Southern Europe was poorer than Northern Europe long before the Euro came into being, but Southern Europe has made great strides since. The way I see it, we have decided to change places with Greece.

Time was people could remember the two great world wars, and why close economic unity, instead of hyper-competition, was the way forward. It’s the glitter of promised gold that beckons anew, the appeal is to base instincts and fear. The result will be far worse for everyone than anyone thought.

Hence Labour will have to change its stance as there isn’t time for the usual British establishment fudge and hodge-podge that would normally occur. I don’t think it is contemptuous of the electorate to consult them. The original referendum was advisory and I don’t think anyone at this point can validly say that the Government has not heeded the advice of the people. It has done so and we have consequently lost two prestigious EU regulatory bodies that will never return, and our currency has been devalued in direct response to the actions that the Government has taken.

Due to the fact that this process is sigificantly influencing the economic life of both opponents, it is urgent to foresee the implications it might have. The reality of the EU is that it has become a lace doily covering a political cesspool. If the UK believes it can do better than play the game of make-believe that is, for example, exemplified by the recent deal/non-deal on immigration, then the UK is correct in leaving the table.

The UK is leaving the EU, which is an undemocratic, bureaucratic political organization based on a regionally restrictive trade treaty брексит история and customs union. Many EU members, including the UK, had the good sense not to subsidize German exports by joining the Euro Zone.

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